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SPA Stool

by Stilst


SPA is a stool and side table in one.


SPA is a stool and side table in one. The top is carved from solid white marble. In the center it is over 5 cm thick allowing the ash wood legs to be fastened without any additional structural support. The way the ash wood legs and white marble top are connected are a most striking detail and show that parts mostly out of sight can be made beautifully too.

The legs come in three variations. First is charred black which means that we burn the surface of the wood, brush off excess coal dust and apply a hard wax oil to prevent it from staining. This technique has been used in Japan for centuries to conserve wooden facade cladding at traditional houses. Perfect for a humid space like bathrooms. Then we have light ash wood which is finished with a transparent matte varnish. It keeps the original texture, color and gloss grade of the wood perfectly natural. Last version is one made from reclaimed broom handles. Every broom handle is weathered in it’s own unique way, making each stool truly unique.

Dimensions / Details

Dimensions: 30 x 50 cm.  Materials: ash wood, marble.  Finish: matte varnish.  Colours: white top.  Choice of legs: clear ash, blackened ash or reclaimed handles.  UK and EU Shipping £17 or £18.50 and applied at check-out.  For ROW shipping, please contact us.  Please allow up to 14 days for dispatch.

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