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Seva Platter & Bowls Set

by Tiipoi


Serving platter & bowls in wood.


A set of bowls and platter made from Sheesham wood, inspired by the traditional ‘Anjarapetti’, ‘Masala Dabbha’ or Indian spice box. 

Three individual bowls sit within a larger bowl and the platter fits as a lid for easy storage.

Use individually or in combination with each other for a variety of purposes. Seva is completely foodsafe and finished using only natural materials.

Dimensions / Details

Materials:- Sheesham wood, natural wax finish.  Process:- Wood turning, Saharanpur.  Dimensions:- Small (Dia) 9.8cm x (H) 3.7cm, Medium (Dia) 12.7cm x (H) 3.7cm, Large (Dia) 15.1cm x (H) 3.7cm, Extra large (Dia) 31.7cm x(H) 5cm & Platter (Dia) 33cm x (H) 1.8cm.

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