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Poured Bowl (large, blue)

by Troels Flensted


Poured Bowl adds a decorative touch to your home.


The bowl doesn’t look like other bowls with its straight sides, and there are for two reasons for that; It’s the logical shape of a one-piece open casting mould.

Secondly, and most important – when the bowl is filled, you can still appreciate the outside pattern, giving a decorative effect no matter if it’s filled or not.

The bowl is sealed with a food-safe sealant and is ideal for containing fruit or everyday-objects, however, it’s not suitable for containing any oily food, liquid or washing in the dishwasher.

Dimensions / Details

Materials: mineral powder, water-based acrylic polymer & pigments.  Weight:  1.5kg.  Dimensions:  20 x 20 x 5.5 cm.  Every Poured Bowl is handmade in Copenhagen and comes with a certificate to guarantee its originality.  N.B. You’re buying a Poured Bowl in this colour, but not this exact one.  Shipping applied at check-out, UK £10.50, EU £12.50 - for rest of world shipping, please contact us.  Allow up to 21 days for dispatch.

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