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Freakish Clock

by Sabrina Fossi Design


The Freakish CLOCK features a spinning disk and it is available in range of colours.


Industrial designer Sabrina Fossi advocates that it is minute differences and details that distinguish objects.  This approach enables sharp and innovative designs; her Freakish Clock is certainly an outstanding product.

Available in choice of colours:

  • Black with red minute hand
  • Black with white minute hand
  • Black with yellow minute hand
  • Black with green minute hand
  • Yellow with black minute hand
  • Beige with black minute hand 
  • Dimensions / Details

    Size:  30cm x 3cm.  Material:  Plastic (spinning disc) and aluminium (dial clock).  Handmade in Italy.  Clean with soft cloth, without liquid or detergent.  Battery:  AA (not supplied).

    For a proper operation, make sure the hour hand doesn't friction on spinning disc.

    Prices include VAT and shipping will be applied at check-out at the following rates.  UK £6 / EU £8 / Rest of World £10.  Please allow up to 21 days for dispatch and delivery.

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