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DIY Wall Lamp

by kukka


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DIY Wall lamp© is a traditional lamp made from traditional materials and assembled by hand, suitable for the home as much as the office
. DIY Wall Lamp is designed for wall, ceiling, and fixed surfaces.

6 screws, 7 beech wood pieces, lamp holder and cable are all it takes to create the refined and elegant ready-made DIY lamp. 
No finish is applied, so the DIY can be painted, lacquered, sanded or left to naturally darken with age.

Dimensions / Details

53cm (h) x 43cm (w)  x 10cm (d)

Beech wood, metal screws, cable (2.5m). Natural finish. 

It can be wired directly to the mains or it can come with an electric cable and plug (suitable EU or UK)

On/Off hand held switch. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Our DIY lights are sold with 220-240v bulb.  If you are buying the light from the USA and/or Japan where the voltage is different – we will not supply a 220-240v bulb and would advise you to source a correct bulb locally yourself).  No plug for direct wiring to the wall.

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