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DIY Table Lamp

by kukka


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DIY Table lamp© is a traditional lamp made from traditional materials and assembled by hand, suitable for the home as much as the office

6 screws, 7 beech wood pieces, lamp holder and cable are all it takes to create the refined and elegant ready-made DIY lamp.  
No finish is applied, so the DIY can be painted, lacquered, sanded or left to naturally darken with age. 

Dimensions / Details

53cm (h) x 43cm (w) x 10cm (d)
Beech wood, metal screws, cable (2.5m).
Natural or powder coated. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Our DIY lights are sold with 220-240v bulb.  If you are buying the light from the USA and/or Japan where the voltage is different – we will not supply a 220-240v bulb and would advise you to source a correct bulb locally yourself). 

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