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Cubo Wall Light

by kukka


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Cubo is a sustainable light using low voltage LED source, made from FSC beech wood, finished with Danish oil. Cubo is an extension to the Blocks range, a small light performing soft warm white spot light. The playful front metal ring comes in a selection of different colours. Thanks to this, the Cubo can fit in different interiors such as children’s rooms, living rooms, working areas and so on.

Cubo is designed to be hung onto the wall – the light can be pointing upwards, downwards or even at an angle. It can be placed on a table, a shelve and even on the floor. It is safe to the touch and will fit into your hand palm.

“Very clever. Young innovative company that deserves to do well. Great detail, explaining the packaging. Beautiful way of distilling everything down to the utter minimal beauty. Ecological appeal is fantastic. Simplicity pushed to high elegance.”
– Colin Ball

“Simple and elegant with a strong ecological approach. Nice packaging. This approach should be applauded.”
– Michael Grubb

Designed by Rona Meyuchas Koblenz 

Dimensions / Details

7.6cm (w) x 7.6cm (h) x 9cm (d)

Performance: 2.5W 12V 270lm 
Hand crafted FSC Beech wood. Hand finished with Danish Oil.
Made in the UK.
Design by Rona Meyuchas K and Rona Zinger.

NOTE:  The Cubo comes with a switching adapter - input 110-240v and output 12v.  The Cubo can be wired directly to the wall - in this instance, we will not provide a switching adapter and you are advised to source one from your local supplier

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