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Gramophone Lights

Kukka’s founder and head of design received a commission to design and make two bespoke luminaries for the 22 Rothschild atrium. The Atrium ceiling is 17m high, Rona and her team ( have designed two 11m by 5.5m suspended luminaries.
Architect: Orly Shrem Architects 
Client: Aviv Group
Photography: Yoav Gurin

Click here to download the project case study.

Outside of a building foyer, through the windows are two large custom designed Kukka light fixtures, black with several prongss

Close-up image of the two custom designed Kukka light fixtures hanging in the foyer of a building. Each has four adjustable bulbs


Super close-up of two light fixture custom designed by Kukka in foyer of building with city scape in background

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