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Kukka Loves - details, FAQ's and the small print.

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Kukka loves is our new collaboration concept that sits within our website and online shop. A collection of selected pieces by designers and brands from all over the world.

All items have been handpicked and selected by our founder and creative director, Rona Meyuchas Koblenz.

Kukka loves creates a community within kukka brand.  Our website is not just a sales platform but an active design business with content and business leads. We strongly believe that sharing strengthens us as makers. 



Since established,  we have created good business relationships with specifers such as architects, interior and lighting designers and we sell through international retailers that stock our products such as Paul Smith, The Conran shop, La Rinascente, De Padova, Selfridges and many more to mention. Last April, we have launched our new online shop which was integrated into our redesigned website.

In 2016 we are investing in promoting our e-commerce  further and plan to increase our B2C market

We will work on a drop ship basis and take a small managing commission on sale. No exclusivity or particular commitment is required from your end. Simply read the T&C to understand it better and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


More and more people are using the internet and e-commerce  as part of their daily routine. Even high street retailers sell online.

 B2C (Business to customer) or direct sales are much more pro table to you - the seller

  1. High internet ranking and good for SEO
  2. Direct contact with the buyer. there is a story to tell; behind every product there is a designer and the purchase is more personal
  3. Location - you could be anywhere and sell everywhere


Our 25% commission is only levied on actual orders and includes: 

  1. Photography service
  2. Press office
  3. Newsletter, kukka blog and social media spread. over 5000 contacts in total
  4. Customer service and sales handling
  5. Special promotions and discounts

There are no fees involved in listing with us whatsoever - only commission on actual orders.


  1. Q. What is the difference between you and another online shop?
  2. kukka is an emerging British design brand. Just like you, we design, produce and sell our products.  kukkaloves is a curated area within kukka website dedicated to designers and brand we like and see the potential in selling alongside our products. 
  1. Q. What about copyright on the product?
  2. Your name is on the product. we will even ask you to send us a short brief about yourself and your photo and we will upload it to our website. 
  1. Q. How much will it cost me? Absolutely nothing   
  1. Q. Do you take a commission on sale?
  2. yes we do take 25% on sale to covers our administration and marketing expenses. Physical retailers ask for wholesale prices which are normally 50% and delivery. in kukka loves the delivery is paid by the customer unless you offer free delivery. 
  1. Q. Please explain about your bespoke projects?
  2. We work with diferent specifers such as Architects, Interior Designers and Lighting Designers. We found they often purchase in a number of items to furnish their projects. kukka loves grows our design community and gives our clients a better solution with a variation of products in one place 
  1. Q. Will you stock my products?
  2. We do not stock your items. ones an order comes through; we will send it to you and you will ship it directly to the client. then you will invoice us directly and we will pay you by the end of each month. 
  1. Q. Why should I participate in kukka loves and sell through your online shop?
  2. First, it will not cost you anything. your product and your name will have more online exposure through search engines and alongside other emerging designers and kukka brand. 
  1. Q. What about shipping costs?
  2. Some of the designers including us, (kukka’s products) are offering free shipping; it means the shipping cost is calculated in the product RRP. if your shipping is not calculated in the RRP then you will submit your shipping prices to us for approval.

Bare in mind clients do not like to pay expensive shipping however, as a rule of thumb, prices up to 10% of the order value make sense. Have more questions; please contact David Ryan +44 (0)7870367563 and he will be happy to answer your questions   

The Small Print (terms & conditions)

  • These conditions shall apply to all contracts between you (‘the Seller’) and (Kukka™) relating to the placing of orders via the website of by any third parties (‘the customer’) . 
  • Termination by either party can be given in writing with at least 30 days notice required. 
  • Kukka™ shall have no contractual liability to the customer or the Seller in respect of the quality of the products.  Kukka™ will not make any representations in respect to the Products or provide any warranty or guarantee in respect of the Products other than those already provided by the Seller. 
  • The Seller is prepared to offer a 14 day money-back guarantee on non-bespoke items. 
  • The responsibility to provide the item once purchased, falls on the Seller and not Kukka™. If the Seller is unable to provide the said product/s after purchase, they are responsible to notify Kukka™ immediately.
  • The Seller agrees to price parity and to sell their products on for the same price as on their own website and/or anywhere else they are retailing. 
  • Periodically Kukka™ will ask the Seller to participate in special sales. The terms and conditions of such sales will be covered in a separate document at the time of the sale. 
  • The Seller needs to provide sensible delivery charges.  Try to offer free or low delivery costs wherever possible, and build these into the price of the item itself.  Kukka™ offers free worldwide registered shipping and EMS courier based on weight.   Wherever possible please offer free shipping or the same shipping conditions as offered on your own website. We are asking for all designers to price their delivery charges for each product: UK/ Europe/Rest of world. As a rule of thumb , please do not allow these to go over 10% RRP. 
  • Kukka™ will not be responsible for paying custom charges and duty and any exportation taxes. Any duties or taxes charged at customs when sending overseas, are the customers responsibility to pay. 
  • The Seller allows Kukka™ to choose a selection of their products, rather than expect all of them to be listed. 
  • The Seller will provide Kukka™ with detailed information on the products including photos, current price, postage, availability/lead-time  plus any additional information you feel is relevant . 
  • The Product Data must be identical or substantially similar to the product data published by the Seller on the Seller’s own website. 
  • The Seller must agree to contact us prior to any changes in price/availability/delivery. 
  • In all negotiations with prospective customers, Kukka™ will disclose that it is acting as an agent to the Seller and working with the seller on a drop ship basis. 
  • The Seller agrees to pay a  standard commission to Kukka™ : 25% of RRP of successful sales only. We will charge a commission only on successful sales and no other fees. 
  • When a customer makes a purchase, The Seller will be notified by email. 
  • The Seller will be paid by Kukka™ directly into their bank account 30 days from date of the sale, this allows for any returns that may need to be processed.  Please provide us with all bank details for BACS transfer. 
  • The Seller shall provide Kukka™ and the customer with a contact telephone number and a contact email address and where they can be reached between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Friday and to respond to emails within 3 working hours.
  • Kukka™  agrees that upon receipt of any order to immediately transmit the order to the Seller who must promptly supply the goods direct to the customer, unless it is a bespoke item in which case the Seller should contact the customer with a future delivery date. 
  • The Seller shall be responsible for the insurance throughout dispatch and delivery of the Product to the customer for an amount equal to the full purchase value of the Product. 
  • If following a delivery, a customer returns the Product, Kukka™ shall refund the buyer minus delivery charges. 
  • From time to time we do photo shooting days and we may request that you provide a sample product for this purpose. Shooting days might be for our purposes or for editorial request. In this case, we will ask you where possible (you are not obliged to) to cooperate and send a sample on your expenses unless otherwise stated.
  • Your credit as a designer/maker is guaranteed on our issued material and will be submitted by us to any third party. We cannot  however take responsibility for the content and actions of any third party site.
  • The Seller should provide access to high resolution photos of their products, for use by third parties interested.
  • The Seller grants Kukka™ a non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use the trademarks, trade names, copyrights and designs relating to the Products ('the Intellectual Property') and any imagery supplied or referenced by the Seller in original or a modi ed form in any way for an unlimited time with a view to procuring orders.

Contracts and projects

We often work with retailers, architects and specifiers, therefore, we also ask if you are happy to work with us on wholesale orders (35% commission) and 20% discount to architects/specifiers (separately).