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Huge thanks to Kukka for our fantastic Cubo Light.  It looks discreet, yet stylish and beautifully finished.  The light gives off a warm glow and works well in our bedroom, although it would be well suited to a study or living room.  

Really pleased with the this purchase, thoroughly recommended.

Sam Sutton, London

I got Kukka's DIY wall lamp since I really enjoyed the simplicity and the no-nonsense approach in the design.

Kukka's packaging really added to the experience. I got a poster, a tote-bag and even a hand-written thank you note. It's the little stuff that counts :)

Jim Jansen, The Netherlands

Kukka products are like objects that belonged to our grandfather. It's a feeling of care for the things that make them so special.

Claudio Brandao, Brazil

I purchased Kukka Blocks Collection and I was really pleased by the essentiality of forms, from the care of the materials in its pure essences and processing that distinguishes these products. Great job.

Andrea Guidi, Italy

We chose the Felucca's because they are minimal, easy to install, light and fit perfectly in a classic room in a modern way.

Alice Gramigna, a2 studio di architettura, Italy

I purchased the Blocks and I love the flexibility and playfulness of its design, they are stylish and many of my colleagues wonder when they come to my office.  

Evgenia Silaeva, Spain

I bought this piece (Caesarstone Balata Ruler) because I knew it would match my office and be a fantastic talking point at meetings and networking events.  The luxury of the unique design is what I like most about it.

Michele Quastel, London, England


Very clever. Young innovative company that deserves to do well. Great detail, explaining the packaging. Beautiful way of distilling everything down to the utter minimal beauty. Ecological appeal is fantastic. Simplicity pushed to high elegance

Simple and elegant with a strong ecological approach. Nice packaging. This approach should be applauded.

Judges Comments on The Cubo Light - WIN Awards 2015

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Pure and simple lampshade

icon magazine

It takes a scrap of flameproof cloth draped over a bulb to make an original lampshade

macef magazine

An original lampshade

casa magazine

Simply original

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