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Update your home with contemporary lighting and design accessories from Kukka

In line with its commitment to design, craftsmanship and functionality, Kukka offers contemporary products for the modern-day living designed by founder Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz.

For a simple update in the home, choose from Kukka's comprehensive range of lighting designs and home accessories, from the minimalistic OD wall lights and M14 mirrors, to the newly launched Ridges shelves and coordinating trays.

(above) M14 mirror and (below) OD Wall Light 31cm

M14 and 22 mirrors

Following her collaboration with Caesarstone®, and also having worked with Studio BET on the production of the Balata ruler, Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz noticed that every day a whole skip full of wasted material was being thrown away. Inspired by these experiences, Rona created M14 and 22 mirrors with their bases being sourced from Kukka's local manufacturer and made from reclaimed Caesarstone® material off cuts. Both mirrors (14x22cm and 22x22cm) simply sit inside the base slots and can be easily removed. The base is available in three colour options - White, Concrete Grey and Sesame Black.

OD wall and table lamps

OD stands for "Outside Diameter" of the circular screen. Inspired by the principal "form follows function", each OD light allows soft light to escape from behind the two-dimensional circular screen creating a three-dimensional object. OD is available as a wall lamp (18cm or 31cm,), and a table lamp (18cm or 24cm); each also comes in black or white.

(above) DIY table lamp and (below) Felucca large lampshade


DIY wall and table lamps

The DIY Wall and Table Lamps are made from traditional materials and assembled by hand, suitable for both the home and office environment.  The wall option can be used for the ceiling and fixed surfaces.

Six screws, seven beech wood components, a lamp holder and a cable are all it takes to create each refined and elegant DIY lamp. With no finish application, each lamp can be painted, lacquered, sanded or left to naturally darken with age.

Felucca lampshades

Felucca is a simple lampshade made from non-woven flame-proof Nomex fabric and snap fasteners, to be mounted directly onto a suspended light bulb.  The shade - available in two size options, small and large - can then be shaped gently by hand. Offering maximum flexibility and creativity, multiple Feluccas can even be assembled to create a larger lampshade. Once mounted, Felucca casts a soft and smooth glow

(above): X Holes round board and (below) Ridges wall mounted shelf and tray
X Holes round and square boards
The X Holes boards - available in two shapes, round and square  - are made from birch plywood to accommodate all your desk tidy. Both boards come with 10 wooden pegs but also offer different coordinating components, including short and long shelves which can be purchased separately.
Ridges wall mounted shelves and trays
Made from metal and therefore magnetic, the Ridges wall mounted shelves - available in a landscape or portrait form - are folded and powder coated in different colours on both sides. The shelves are complemented by their off cuts that are made into triangular trays with no joint edges.
All the pieces from the Ridges collection are laser cut and created using folding machinery; no welds or mechanical fixings are involved in the manufacturing process. The pieces are sold as a set, each comprising a wall mounted shelf and a tray.  A single colour option is also available for the sets.