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New pieces added to Kukka Loves

We are delighted to announce the addition of new pieces to our Kukka Loves collaboration   

Firstly, we have the Poured Bowls, by Troels Flensted.  The bowls add decorative touch to your home. Every Poured Bowl is handmade in Copenhagen and comes with a certificate to guarantee its originality.  They don't look like other bowls with its straight sides, and there are for two reasons for that; It’s the logical shape of a one-piece open casting mould.  Secondly, and most important – when the bowl is filled, you can still appreciate the outside pattern, giving a decorative effect no matter if it’s filled or not.

We have also added the ROLL Collection, by Verena Hennig.  The collection, which includes chair, bench, stool and lounge chair, were designed to provide a playful, innovative and engaging experience.  The seating consists of rotatable aluminum sticks which massage whilst sliding from side to side.  Suitable for indoors and outdoor, designed in Germany and manufactured in Italy.

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