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The DIY Light - our inspiration & concept

The DIY Light was one of our first products, initially designed by our founder and creative director Rona Meyuchas Koblenz in 2006 and launched  in 2007.  Even today, after 8 years, it's still a popular product among both consumers and specifiers.

Rona was initially inspired by George Carwardine's original Terry Anglepoise Lamp that allowed freedom of movement and balance.  The DIY Light was designed to follow these principals but also to allow for the user to actually build the light themselves.  No finish is applied so the piece can be painted, lacquered, sanded or left to naturally darken with age.

Due to their patented spring mechanism, the Anglepoise Lamp had perfect balance.  Rona followed a similar principle with the DIY Light using a number of screws and a wooden block placed strategically between the joints that not only allowed for easy movement of the light, but also to act as a weight to ensure balance.

The end result is 6 screws, 7 beech wood pieces, lamp holder, cable and a traditional desk lamp shade that come together to create the complete DIY Lamp with the added flexibility of being affixed to a wall or ceiling and also as a desk lamp.


Original inspiration from 'The Terry Angleposie Lamp' above & below.


The end result is the DIY Light that follows similar principles of movement and balance but also allows the user to actually build the Light themselves and as no finish is applied, it can be painted or left to darken naturally with age.


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