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Learn more about the Cubo Light

I was asked yesterday how we came up with the idea of the Cubo Light.

Well, the Cubo is an extension to the Blocks range and the idea for it was a natural development on the Blocks.  We approached Richard Stokes, a former tree surgeon based in Bristol, England to hand-craft the piece - using Beech wood that would otherwise end up as firewood - one of our principles has always been to use design to create sustainable products.

And the Cubo Light was born!  It uses low voltage LED and is perfect for any room, children, living, working area etc - plus it can be placed on a surface or hung on the wall pointing up, down or at any angle.  It's also completely safe to touch and fits in the palm of your hand and like all Kukka designed pieces, there is FREE SHIPPING.

Also available in special pack of 2 - click here for more details.