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Trays and Tea Towels

designjunction is now over - it's been great.  In addition to creating a bespoke piece of furniture - the 1141 table, we were also asked to exhibited our Tube Trays.

Our Tube Trays are a popular line of Swedish birth trays with illustrations by Will Haywood, a young British illustrator we collaborated with.  Will has worked with many impressive clients in the past including Microsoft, Creative Review, Little White Lies, Wired and the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. In 2012 he was included in the Association of Illustrators ‘Best of British Illustration’.  

In addition, you can also buy a Tube Tea Towel to have a matching set.

Our collaboration with Will also extended to another range of Trays and Tea Towels - namely the Robots design - great pieces for any kitchen and makes mealtime with children fun!

Click here for more details about Will and our range of Trays and Tea Towels.