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Kukka Loves - Form Follows Function

Form follows function is a principle associated with industrial design and modernist architecture in the 20th Century and states that the shape of a project or building should be based upon it's intended function or purpose.

The image below shows the Rhapdosy Table collection from Edizione Limitata together with one of Kukka's own designed OD Table Light to show examples of form follows function in action.

Edizione Limitata, who have recently joined our Kukka Loves collaboration is a brand promoting and developing pieces of furniture which combine a unique design with the tradition and quality of made in Italy.  They celebrate love for design, details and dialogue between different materials and it constantly pursues to strike a balance between shape and matter, project and production.

The OD Table Light (OD stands for outside diameter of the circle screen) was inspired by the form follows function; their structure consists of two dimensional geometric shapes that allow soft light to escape from behind the circle screen creating a three dimensional object.

The Rhapsody Table collection was similarly inspired by the form follows function principle. The shapes of the different tables are the result of the juxtaposition between the light geometrical frames.  The slight misalignment between the boards and their structures result in an usual overlap, making the table dynamic and weightless.


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