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Illuminating the woods

Rona-Meyuchas Koblenz, founder and creative director of Kukka and Kukka Studio, has been invited to tutor a week-long workshop at Domain de Boisbuchet, France in August 2016 in collaboration and support from Amorim Cork.

Rona was personally invited to tutor at the workshop by the President of the Domaine de Boisbuchet, Alexander von Vegesack, who is also the founder of Vitra Design Museum. The workshop runs from 31 July to 6 August 2016.

The forest is deep and dark at night and the magic of nature whispers around the old trees - a dark fairyland that Rona and the participants will bring light to.

The woods have their own natural resources to produce light, such as fungus and fireflies. This workshop will intend to help illuminate the woods. Observe, listen and learn how it feels to be surrounded by this incredible nature.

Participants will create sustainable lanterns that will operate on wind and solar power while using fascinating Cork, which is 100% renewable, as the main material.

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To register on the workshop, simply click here.

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