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Read Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz's interview with Elle Magazine Taiwan

Rona, our founder and creative director, was interviewed recently by Elle Magazine Taiwan.  Read the English translation below.


1.Please use five words to describe yourself.

                Adventurer, man (woman) of the world, curious,  perfectionist, a mother

2.What’s your philosophy about design?

Design is a key player in our daily lives; we use its functionality, admire it's beauty, enjoy it in any aspect even if we are not aware of it. Design should be straight forward, honest, accessible, considerable, compassionate. Therefore I appreciate simplicity and minimalism to achieve big goals, when these aspects are coming naturally in our perception, than the design is simply good and elegant 

3.How do you describe your own works?               

               Geometrical, minimalist, functional and yet expressive in my eyes.

4.Which work represents you the most?

That's a difficult one; I would say the latest; thirtyfour project but that's only because you asked for one work. If you would ask which works, I would say all.

5.When and How do you Know you want to be a designer?

I would say; if you have an un explained urge to invent and change things, to research, learn and question, then potentially you could be a designer. 

6.What or Who inspires you?

My kids, people, places I don't know, new adventures, 

7.What makes you passionate about life and design?

It's uplifting and impossible to separate from my daily life

8.Who is your personal appreciation of design guru?

Ettore Sottsass, Enzo mari, Bruno Munari

9.Do you know any Asian designers or artists that interest you?

Ai weiwei, Isamu Noguchi, Shiguro Ban

10.When you hear the word ”Taiwan”, what comes to your mind first? 

Curiosity! I would love to visit Taiwan. 

11.What’s the best thing about your work?

It's ups and downs..well mainly the ups but it comes together I guess

12.Please share with us about your plan within the next 3 years.

Working on commissions and bespoke projects and parallel to that, developing kukka 

13.What is your career goal?

 Not to lose my identity - my design language.

14.What is your favorite café, museum, bookstore, restaurant, hotel, or any architecture in your city?

I live in Tel-Aviv, I love Tel aviv museum of art it inspires me a lot. I also love Habima cultural centre, Hilton hotel architecture, my local cafe and second hand bookstore I have next to my house. Tel aviv is a vibrant city with really good restaurants but the best place to eat would be in the Carmel market; that's where you can nibble the best fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese and with that, feel the authenticity of the city.


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